Thursday, June 17, 2010

Being sick and other thoughts

I hate being sick. It’s like someone took the feeling of ‘ache’, turned it in to a tangible film and covered your body with it like a spray tan. Bleh. That’s how I was livin from Sunday to Wednesday in what I like to call: four days of suck. Being sick isn’t just a physical battle between your body and some foreign virus, it is a mental battle as well. The worst part is not how crappy you feel, it’s the way the sickness barges in and says, “I’m taking over your life and there is nothing you can do about it.” That is the part that I hate the most, and is what I try to combat first and foremost. That is also the culprit of why I get cranky and my wife reacts with her sarcastic ‘gUHeeeezzze’s and ‘someone’s in a mood’s, which in turn makes me even more snappy. I don’t want to be told what to do from any other angle when I’m sick, even the ones that are trying to help me.

To combat this I try and consume myself with things that will consume me; all other things falling to the wayside. This is a good and bad thing. Good news is that I win the mental battle part of the virus, bad news is that lose control of all following decisions after pulling the trigger on the chosen distraction. Game 5 I completely missed but that is because I slept 70 percent of Sunday (16 hours for those of you keeping score at home) but because I deployed what will be referred to as ‘the consumption method’ I didn’t even tune in to Game 6. However, after catching the highlights, it was a bonus to see that I didn’t have to. The problem with the consumption method is the consumption carries on long after the bug does. Por ejemplo, Entourage still owns my life right now and I’m not even mad, except when I realize that I don’t have real cable with HBO and season seven starts of on the 27th. On the flip side, I’m just at the tail end of season three so I’m good for now. At the rate Blockbuster is mailing me these discs’ – I’ll be locked up for the next two months or so.

(Quick rant: I signed up for a Blockbuster online account the very first week they debuted it, after they saw how Netfix was on the up and up, and did this for two reasons. A) the price was comparable and I thought it was a better deal and B) Blockbuster gave itself a leg up for every movie they mailed out. You had the option for mailing it back OR you could drive to an actual Blockbuster, turn it in there and they would give you a free in-store rental for each movie you were exchanging and in turn, they would immediately mail out the next title in your online queue. I ended up moving around a bunch in 2005 and suspended my account for a couple of years. In February I went to activate it again, and was able to keep the original deal I had from day one. I get three titles at a time for $19.99 – which is $29.99 if you sign up now. Everything is same except the exchange policy. Now when exchanging in-store, they will not send you a movie from your online queue UNTIL you have returned the movie. This sucks because before, when Blockbuster didn’t have their head up their ass, not only were you getting a TON of movies, but getting them in the mail more efficiently than Netflix. When the mailed copy was scanned in at the store, your queue was updated immediately. Now my account getting processed quickly is contingent upon how often the employees check the drop box and actually check in the titles. If I drop off a movie that I got from the in-store exchange on Tuesday afternoon, more than likely it doesn’t get checked in until after they close at midnight; technically Wednesday. This now means my movie won’t get shipped from the warehouse until Thursday and unless I’m lucky and get it on Friday, I don’t see my mailed copy until Monday. It totally sucks and defeats the purpose of the in-store exchange. If I want my queue to be updated right away, I have to go into the store and have an employee check it in by handing it to them and asking them to check it in while I watch. Defeats the whole point of drop box and is effing up my shi..taki mushrooms.)

Another discovery from the consumption method has been Red Dead: Redemption. Think Grand Theft Auto, but cowboys. Thank you, Rockstar Games. I want to be a cowboy so freaking bad. It’s a whole entire post by itself that I won’t get into.

On to sports…

Saturday’s World Cup match up “ended” (key word) great. I don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, and I didn’t on Saturday, but there were some thoughts along that line 4 minutes in to that game. I’ve since repented just in case and have been forgiven. Gerrard’s strike happened in slow motion. You saw the play before it happened, saw that nobody was in front him, you knew just like everybody else watching at home that Heskey was going was going to slip the ball right do him and Gerrard was gonna send it in. I felt so dejected and was brooding on how bitter my follow up post was going to be before the ball even touched the back of the net. I hated everything about everybody for almost the entire first half.

Fortune struck in the 40th minute and seemed to happen in even slower motion, or at least the thoughts in my head did. When Dempsey put his shot forward, I had mixed emotions. It wasn’t necessary and we needed to make better use of our possessions but at the same time I was glad we were trying to make things happen on a semi-good look. When the ball was half way there in the air going to Green (who I absolutely did not think would get the starting nod) I was back to my critical analysis of our play. Then when it hit his hands I knew that he would either pick it up or fall on it. When it rolled a little bit behind him, scoffing to myself I thought it’d be great if it went in. When it continued to roll, my mind was already thinking in the past tense; saying to myself, “that would have been great if it rolled in.” But it kept rolling. That ball is going roll in! I’m screaming at my T.V. like I’m watching a thoroughbred 1/8 of mile from clinching the Triple Crown to GOOO! GOOOO! GOO! and as soon as that ball passed the entire white strip: mayhem. All by myself, fist pumping and running around the living room. English commentator, Martin Tyler, summed it up the goal perfectly, “Sometimes when you buy a ticket, you a win a raffle.”

I thought you we did a pretty good job of limiting Rooney but there were a couple of lapses on Michael Bradley’s part that allowed for a few scares. I’m still deciding if I like him or not. I’ll know better by tomorrow. As the rest of games go it seems like all of the ballers in the world have been contained and a bit of a no-show. Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo and the like have yet to dazzle and remind us why they get so much attention. Can’t wait for them to notch a goal. A Messi bender upper V would do the trick. I also love how all great players, regardless of sport, are known by a single name and 14 of Brazil’s 23 players are known by a single name. Digest on that tidbit. They should call the World Cup the Brazil Cup, and every team has to play Brazil best 2 out of 3, and the 2-4 teams that can actually somehow beat them twice then compile a super team to face Brazil in a do-or-die match for the Cup. If the super team wins than those countries that make up the team are considered best in the world. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that, as well as expect Brazil to be the favorite going in every time.

Anyhow, prediction for tonight: Lakers go back to back. Celtics are really going to miss Perkins and lose because of it.

And I need to come clean and get this off my chest as a Sacramento Kings fan. I think I’ve been rooting for the Lakers this whole series. Gulp. I know I have. I deserve to be burned at the stake. I just cannot stand Paul Pierce. I’m sorry and every year he gets older and less good and makes it even worse. I’m going to throw a party when he retires. I hate the Celtics because of him and cannot root for them. When he is gone, I won’t mind the Celtics I already know. These are not the Celtics from two years ago. The 07-08 Celtics are different than this year’s Celtics because back then everyone was juiced to see ‘The Big Three’ come together and win the championship. I wanted KG to get his title after wasting away in Minnesota and rooted for them against the hated Lakers. I was happy when it came together for them in the end. But now, they’ve become just Celtics and are no longer remembered for where they played before and their absence of a ring. They do nothing for me and after thinking about it for a while, the Lakers winning a title is more bearable. The lesser of two evils I guess. It just goes to show you how one person can make you root for your hated rival. I just need to get this out there and off my chest and feel better already.

Kings till I die, but for tonight only – anybody but the Celtics.

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