Monday, February 28, 2011

#1 seeds are good, right?

When playing college basketball and you are the number three team in the country, you usually are a #1 seed during March Madness, right?


And the combo of all three… Shaboomya!

Shaboomya! world of college basketball. The Brigham Young Cougars are the number three team in the country in both the AP and Coaches polls. They are even ahead of the crown jewel of the ACC—Duke. I was shocked not to be slighted by the east coast writers in the polls, that I had to go out and find some bias from the east coast fans. Duke fans are not pleased by this.

“If they were to give BYU a 1 seed then I would love for Duke to be the 2 seed in that region. I thinks it's only a matter of time before that team gets exposed. Jimmer is a good player but put him up in a hostile environment like B'burg was saturday night and see if he can get the points like Nolan did or even shut down their top scorer like Nolan did as well.”

“If they were in a major conference, they wouldn't have this record. SOS has to be factored in heavily for a team like this.”

“Jimmer has yet to play against anyone nearly as good as him. Enter: Nolan [Smith].”

The last one is my favorite because Jimmer Fredette is the best player in the NCAA. Of course he has not played against anyone as good as him… because there is NOT anyone as good as him. Fredette is a projected lottery pick at 13th overall, in this year’s NBA draft. Smith is where? Oh yeah, 31st, projected to go late in the second round or even… u-n-d-r-a-f-t-e-d. That is right Duke fan. Eat it.

As far as the reference to the whole BYU team, and how they would not have that record if they played in the hallowed ACC, try swallowing these stats:

RPI: #1 in the land
SOS: 12th in the NCAA
Overall record: 27-2

Wanna know where Duke is?

RPI: #5
SOS: 37th
Overall record: 26-3

Duke’s strength of schedule is worse than Nolan Smith’s draft stock. Yeah, I said it. And I am not even a Duke hater. I like Duke. Before I dropped hook, line, and sinker in to college sports, Duke was the only team that I knew anything about. How could I not? East coast writers had been telling me how great they were for long—and for the most part, they were correct. The problem, as a casual observer who only slightly monitored college players for their impact at the next level, was that I missed out on really good teams. Teams that were maybe better then the Dukes, Kansas’ and UCLAs. Now I know. And it is not even as close as bad as it is with college football. My goodness.

When I was par oozing Duke fans boards, so I could feel justified in still hating the bias the voters had, 30 minutes after they justly gave BYU their deserved #3 ranking—because what kind of sports fan would I be if I did not constantly ask for more and more—I read one guys comment that “a simple eye test is all you need”. What he meant was when you look at the teams (storied names) in the ACC compared to the teams (non-storied) in the MWC, it is clear that Duke played better teams. To hell with saber metrics, mathematics, and thousands of sports journalist all pointing to obvious ranking placement. Eye test.

Basically, because Duke beat a big name like Wake Forest—which has only been the Final Four once (1962) and that is it—it is still leaps and bounds better than beating a small name team like UNLV which has won a National Championship (1990)…wait for it… defeating Duke. But whatever.

Eye test = all one would ever need to rank NCAA basketball teams, regardless of wins/losses, RPI, SOS, etc. The eye test is foolproof. Do not ask questions. Take your shoes off and rendezvous.

I am not complaining. I promise. Right now, all I know is that the Brigham Young Cougars have a better RPI, strength of schedule and less losses than the reigning National Champions: Duke. And are deservedly ranked above them in the both the AP and Coaches poll.




  1. I think BYU has earned exactly where they are at. They aren't the #1 team, but I think they earned a number #1 seed. Plus I hate Duke and they can suck it forever and ever. Cry me a river for Nolan Smith. They play like their first 17 games at home against crap teams. The ACC is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Duke is #2. As it should be #2, as in poop.