Friday, March 11, 2011

The readers have (not yet) spoken!

Every time I sit down and write an article, I never really know what it the column is going to be about. More often than not, I do not typically have a set topic in mind that I need to get out to the web.

We all have our favorite authors, or movie directors, or whatever—and we like them for pretty particular and specific reasons. I enjoy reads, which relate with the audience. I feel like the person writing, in ways, is trying to talk to me directly. It is like we are friends and if we admit it or not, when you crack it down the basics, it is true. With today’s technologies we are all kind of voyeurs and stalkers. We like having these feelings for complete strangers. Let’s face it we are creepy. I am getting off topic.

My favorite articles to read are mailbags. It is real interaction and not perceived interaction between the author and their audience. To write one would be a dream. And easy.

Basically people are like, “talk about this” and all you got to do is say OK. It fits nicely in to my do-and-as-little-as-possible lazy lifestyle. You could say I was born for it. The issue I face is I only have a small following. I could probably count all of my followers on one hand—maybe two hands if I was only allowed to use one digit on the second hand—and more than half of them are women. Before you get offended, lady readers, let me clarify that the women who are reading these HITS columns, are not your diehard sports nuts. If this is your first time coming to this blog, I bet there is a thirty to ninety-nine percent chance you came across it from surfing a cooking, crafting or couples blog. Tell me I am wrong. I am not, am I?

BUT—if I am, and you are a sports following enthusiast, and you do read this on a semi-regular basis… then what would you like to read? I try to cover pretty much everything. The only sports I have yet to write about are MMA/UFC fighting and hockey; the latter I know practically nothing about besides who are Kobe’s and LeBron’s of the sport. Learning the game of hockey is on my bucket list.

Anyhow, I implore you to write in, comment, or e-mail me with topics you would like to read about. They can be pretty much about anything; even cooking or crafts if that is all you are in to.

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