Monday, May 2, 2011

God bless America

The team at HITS takes a break to pay homage to the disposing of one of The United States of America's biggest foes.

It was one of the starting weeks in my junior year of high school. I had arrived at our campus administration building—students called it ‘The Mall’—forty-five minutes early to school to work on a project. It was quiet except for the light sound coming from one of the televisions, which were dotted throughout our campus. I paid the TV set no mind as I took a drink from the water fountain; that was of course, until I heard the phrase “hijack” and saw images of two smoldering buildings.

Video of two towers in New York City burning and a replay of a plane crashing in to one of them were trying to be digested by my mind, when all of sudden, one of the towers collapsed. I remember the chill that trickled down my neck and back, all the way to my heels.

The rest of the events of that day kind of get blurred together, as well as the coming weeks and months—what I do remember is a collective patriotism washing over this great country.

Now, a decade later, the man behind the attacks, whose actions led to the coining of the term 9/11, has been killed. I speak for every American when I say: good riddance. Personally, I want to express my thanks to the troops over these past ten years and give a special hooyah to the boys of the JSOC team that whooped some Taliban ass in recovering Osama bin Laden’s lifeless body.

God bless America.

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